Switch to lowres tiles

I’ve changed my tileset to use a smaller resolution one, so that it is easier for me to craft new tiles. I’m not an artist and I’ve bought those sets. Here’s the previous one (which will be back when I can afford an artist to complete it):

And the new one (they both show the same monsters and items) is below. Because it is less detailed I can make the missing sprites myself, which is nice for me to be able to progress:

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The exact same reason why I'm sticking with my 32x32 tiles as well, it's so much easier when you can just add that specific item/monster yourself. The blessing of roguelike genre is that we can get away with this, without being pixel art masters :D.

Does that mean you need to go over autotiling all over again? Or you got that thing covered?

Also, why does it say "One Man Army: Unius Exercitus" at the top? Is the name going to change soon?

In that set, there's less autotiling, there are just 2 different walls (as to whether there's a wall to the south or not); so my code supports the two versions. I don't intend to make autotiling as complex as in the more detailed tileset.
Good catch :-) The pixelart version of the game will be a different game, because it won't be a single dungeon and some of the game core mechanics have changed (melee/ranged attacks hit system). The new system is easier to understand and easier to present, so that it is easier for me to internationalize the game. Previously it was impossible (because there were a lot of walls of texts).

Sounds like a decent chunk of changes! Good stuff.