Autotiling walls

Autotiled walls last night, not convinced it is looking better, any opinion ? #gamedev #indiedev #roguelike #DungeonMercenary



Which one do you prefer ?

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i prefer the previous one

honestly, this looks ready to upload

i would much rather play with those graphics than the current ones: # @ ...

in my opinion, i prefer several small updates rather than 1 big once a year

currently, i'm having a serious issue to spot monsters

Unfortunately I don't have the manpower to release very often, but I'll try to speed things up a bit :-)

Regarding the graphic, this looks ready but things from the ascii version are still missing, for example animations of potions being thrown and ranged attacks. I'd also like to try a simpler item system: the "most items are boostable with all runics" pattern is difficult to grasp and hard to balance.

i don't understand.

i said "i prefer frequent small uploads rather than rare big ones"

u have been releasing once 1 year (with LOTS of changes)

instead, can't u upload once a month with very small changes?


add graphics to wall and floor: upload

next month, add graphics to monsters: upload


instead, it looks to me u are planning to add graphics to everything and then upload (next year maybe?)


u talked about the animations for throwing stuff. can't u just upload using the new graphics for walls/floor and keep the old animations?


btw, i'm loving the game

the only 2 things i dislike are the graphics (jsut want enough to be able to recognize things better) 

and not being able to save (if i get tired of a build i can't simply try out another one and also i can't let my friend play. it would suck if i was at the end of the game, i let my friend who never played the game before try it out and he dies? lol

Unfortunately the ascii and pixels backends are distint in my code, so for example I cannot use the ascii animations with the rest of the pixels backend. As of now, the animations are just not there at all.. Also I did release in a partly-done state, I bet players would complain that some stuff is not there or incomplete. So it's a tradeoff between polished content and frequent updates :-(

Also at the moment, I miss quite a few sprites for monsters in the pixels backend. I need to negotiate with my pixels artist to do them before being able to release anything with the pixels backend (I mean: otherwise some different monsters would have the same sprite, urgh..)..

i'm actually a developer myself :) ...

well, kinda. i'm studying IT

i developed a game by myself (not anything awsome haha, but it's playable. can entertain for an hour) as a means to study a programming language and have fun at the same time

u are talking about hiring an artist. that would be the ideal, however, until then, i suggest u use this site for free images (in 1 hour u can easily get a decent image for everything:

i have no doubt whatsoever u can get better images on this site than "g" for a goblin for example

another thing u could do is keep the current image (letters) for monsters and just upload the latest playable version u have, but keep the previous version uploaded as an option (and name it something like "dm_optional version with some graphics"?)

the image u showed with walls/floor/player are so beautiful, i would love to play it, even tho there are no animations and new graphics for monsters

please upload your latest playable version (even if it's just for me, i really want to try it out) but keep the older version uploaded for anyone that would prefer it

Hey cool, do you have a link to your game ?

I don't want to mix images (some from my pixel artist, some from, because most players would complain the graphics are inconsistent. There's momentum with each release and I don't want to ship a half-baked game.

Regarding mixing letters and graphics, the two backends are distinct; I can't mix both. The letters aren't graphics: I really am drawing text using a bitmap font; so the code differs from drawing graphics.

If you want to have access to early builds, I can add you to my list of betatesters, to which I usually ship versions one month or more before an upcoming release. Would that suit you ?

Do you know what ? I was planning to release my next game in June 2019 and thought back on your comment. It pumped me up to release a demo version much before, because well, the game is entirely playable already; coming soon to itch!

The "After" variant is far clearer but walls have lost quite a bit of detail. It's a tradeoff and I'd go with the new one anyway, but if you were able to add some variety (eg. occasional cracks) or pattern to these walls, so that they're not absolutely uniform slabs, that would give you best of both worlds.

Good stuff!

I've added some random tainting to the walls, do you like it ?



Hell yea! Nothing like some proper tainting.