New version of Dungeon Mercenary, featuring a new spells system, rings, classes, etc. - oups should have been posted on June 22th - better late than never...

This post is 4 months late since I released this new version on June 22th, but I forgot to press send on this devlog entry... Anyway, here's a short description of this update. Next one is planned beginning of 2018. To make it up to you here's an itch exclusive gif of what I'm working on at the moment: auras with color lighting.

In short, main changes in the new version are:

  • Added spells (there are 16 of them), that plays very differently from melee builds. There are various mages builds: offensive mages (fire/lightning, dragon breath spells), allies-based mages (Necromancer and friends), sneak mages (Conjuror of Cheap Tricks).
  • Added rings, to spice up the melee builds (can specialize on damage dealers, special attacks specialists, etc.)
  • Added classes,  which is just a set of starting equipment. This should help you try out different builds more easily: 

The full list of changes is available here:

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Jun 22, 2017 52 MB
Jun 22, 2017 60 MB
Jun 22, 2017
dm-17-06-22.jar 12 MB
Jun 22, 2017

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