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Just to leave a review here also, as I went to play this shortly after trying out Rogue vs Evil and reading the post mortem. Feedback is more or less the same - very fun, the game is difficult but rewarding once you know what you're doing, which I appreciate. But just as before, the UI gets in the way often.

Regardless, will be coming back to this for sure. So many classes to choose from, items to get and enemies to defeat. Great work.

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I'll reply here also then :-) I'm happy you could play it, in the browser I guess ? I developed the game with Java 8 and a few players experienced difficulties with more recent versions (on desktop); just to let you - and others - know.

I'm happy you had a good experience, indeed I believe the game requires the player to test and try, to know what to do; and then the experience starts becoming appealing. Try the class conjuror of cheap tricks, it's the most fun one I believe :-)

I certainly will. Paladin was the first successful playthrough and I really enjoyed how it played out - you simply have to try everything that is offered to you as a player to succeed and I think this is one of the metrics for good game design. I also loved how you think you have it easy at one point, until you face the liches, vampires, cerberi, dragons for the first time... almost died thrice on those later levels, literally saved by bad enemy dice rolls. This makes the final victory all the more appealing.

And yes, I played the game in the browser. Very often things pop out right in the face and some messages linger around, making me unable to do anything until they fade out. I did find workarounds in time, though.

All in all, once again - great work!

Hey cool, you've battled and liked some of the most powerful monsters (and so the most untested ones!), that's nice to hear. I guess the popups are about achievements and maybe suggestions (likedrink your health potion, you're in danger). I suppose going to the main menu (escape) and going back (resume) would get rid of those.


Nice little game, Those teleporting creatures can be annoying if I dont have a bomb :D. I have a question is there any stealth aspect to this? I see that theres vision and such but is there a "sneak attack" damage?

Thanks Hectic. There is no stealth aspect for the player, solely the distance of your vision may vary - as you've seen - and this distance is used for throwing stuff and casting some spells, so the longer the better (no pun intended :-). The only stealth aspect is that, if a goblin ninja attacks you - while not being revealed yet - he'll hit automatically.


You should make it so the Dragonist class has a "Tame Dragon" move where he attempts to tame the baby dragon as long as it is within the normal field of view, and can only be upgraded with boost tunics, because it says that the Dragonist "Walks the dangerous path of taming dragons." which implies that it is possible to tame dragons.

This is an excellent idea! I'm working on my next game where there will be a tree of skills (as in Diablo 2 for example) and this makes sense in the list of skills. Or else for long I've been thinking of "domination" spell that lets the player try to turn wounded enemies into allies, and the dragonist could have a bonus when using it on dragons.. Thanks for the suggestion :-)

Sounds great! Make sure it's like this game in terms of where to play because I don't have enough computer space to download... and I'm poor, so I can't buy it... but this is a really great game, and I think it's cool that all of the different tiles and characters are represented by keyboard characters of varying colors.

It's unclear whether my next game will support ASCII rendering (keyboard character graphics) as I'm focusing on the tiles display. But there are a ton of games with ASCII graphics (akin "roguelike"), for example check out brogue: or Sil: They do not require expensive hardware nor disk space! And they are really awesome games (check out "cataclysm DDA" too for a zombie setting).

can you make a level editor for this game? it would be so good to make a level!

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Actually there are 3 hardcoded maps that are simply loaded from text files:

There is no way to plug other maps right now but it wouldn't be too much work.

And I guess there are open source maps editors to which I could plug too, it's just hasn't been high on my priority list :-(

I would recommend it because it can really open up more stuff to implement. for example there could be a share function and a map viewer plus player and even item creator and monster creator! it can open up games like these cuz there are alot of elements in games like these like monsters chests the rooms that has special things that happen and even more! they could even have floors! you could make something like a trelly (yeah i said trelly) to show people when stuff is  planned and what is currently is being worked on and more! ...i think thats enough of over genius ideas that i have no idea if it is genius ideas for one day....i made a fool of myself

I agree it would open up many possibilities! Because of how the game is coded, it wouldn't be possible to add monsters or items, it would only be possible to modify the existing ones; but that would be nice already. It'd also require extra work to be able to load those maps from the game (such as a menu to load a list of maps, to do kind of a campaign), but nothing difficult.

ok i hope to see this game grow! this game is beautiful never give up

Glad to hear it, thanks for the support :-)

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1. what exatly does using 2 wepons do?

i know u can use one of their special attacks by pressing alt (left or right determines which special attack will use)

but in normal attacks, do u deal damage from both weapons?

2. what does slowness do? it reduces speed by 50% for 2 turns

but what is speed?

3. there are runics on the shield that activate when u block the attack

the sword has parry

does parry and shield stack?

4. what's the difference between "parry" (sword) and "contact hit probability"? (shield)

1. Yes wielding two weapons means you deal damage from both weapons.

2. Speed is the speed with which you and the monsters take turns. Most monsters have the same speed as you, which means it is alternatively your turn to do an action and then the monsters' turn. When slowed down, you're at half speed meaning you play a turn every two monsters' turn. Note that this is a simplistic explanation, the game uses a scheduler; which means any kind of interleaving is possible, but this is what happens most of the time.

3. Yes parry and shield stack.

4. Both parry and shields are modifiers to contact hit probability (although shields also modify ranged hit probability), i.e. they decrease likeliness of being hit.

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i have a few questions

1. why did u make this game?

2. which programming language did u use?

3. are u a developer or do u study it as a hobby?

4. and last but not least...

would u allow me to help u? as a developer 

i have a lot of free time

1. I made this game because I wanted to play such a game :-)

2. I'm using Java as the programming language with libgdx as the graphics library and a number of my own libraries. libgdx is plain awesome for an experienced developer like me.

3. I'm doing this game on my free time but I'm a professional developer!

4.  This is very kind of you but I'm not looking for development support. I'm looking for support 1/ for translations (besides German, Italian, and French; for which I have translators already) 2/ maybe for pixelart in the near future, and 3/ for advertisement (but you did a lot commenting here already ;-)

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i would gladly translate to Portuguese (i'm brazilian)

in a similar topic, some of your english text is wrong

in descriptions of runics, where it describes what would happen if you applied it to each item, it says:

"...increases BY 10%..."

when it should say "increases TO 10%"

Thanks for the translation offer :-) It is noted!

Regarding the text, I believe "increase by" and "increase to" have different meanings; I use "increase by" to denote that the existing amount is increased by some additive value; whereas "increase to" would denote the total right away. I mean: 5 increased by 10 is 15, which corresponds to "increased to 15". Or did you mean that I meant "increased to" in the text ?

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u said about making the runic system less complicated

i don't think it is complicated at all

what is complicated is the monster "states"

infuritated... i have no idea what they do

oh, and slowness. all the time the mosnters put it on  me

Most monster states are also player states: infuriated works as if the monster had drunk a potion of fury, slowness works as if you had cast it on a monster. I feel like that there is so much in the descriptions already that I had thought this did not deserve a mention :-/

i imagined that was the case, however i never received a slowness runic. so i could never read it's description

i even thought about starting a game with the class that has it just so i could read it

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1. would be very useful a counter that says how many summons u currently have

2. show current/max health

3. spell descriptions should say their cooldown

Those are all good suggestions. I would have thought that 3. was there already ;-) At first I didn't want to overwhelm players with not-necessary numbers, that is why I had omitted health points; but I believe it is disturbing some players.

more suggestions:

1. when u see the enemies potential damage, take into consideration your damage reduction (thoughness/armor)

about this, i have a question

once, if i remember correctly, i had 9 damage reduction

when i put mouse above an enemy, it said "damage 1 to 4", however, i did take a little damage


Because damage is never reduced below 1. In other words, if you were supposed to take some damage, you'll always at least suffer 1 damage.

what about taking into consideration your damage reduction to show the possible damage the enemy can deal?

oh, and the messages saying u received damage, could say how much it was

same for damage u do

why are some walls red?

Red walls are torches, but as you noted; it isn't explained anywhere ;-) It slightly changes the nearby lighting though.

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is there a way to have more than 1 save?

i would like to try other classes (i know they just change the stuff u start with) before i commit myself to the class i chose first

also, it would be nice to play different styles once in a while. but if i have to kill myself and start new game, that would suck

Unfortunately there is no way to have more than 1 save with the UI, because it required to handle user input (to name the savefile..) and it didn't yet reach the top of my priority list.

If you want to do it manually though, you can move the file  our_home_directory/.hgames/dm/save0 somewhere and restore it later on. Once this file is moved, restarting the game will change the main menu entry (Continue or New Game). Hope this helps!

maybe just do like some other games, where u have 3~save slots

If I had multiple save files, I would directly allow to name the file; it's not that much more work than having 3~ slots.


Hey, I just noticed the devlog link you have in your game description points to your dashboard, so one one else will be able to load the page!

Indeed, thanks for pointing it out! I've corrected the link. It now points to